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After working remotely for his friends' fledgling start-up, Ben decided move from NYC to LA, where he and BlackLine worked on an assortment of small business promotions and marketing material.

As the lead and only full-time  animator, Ben was not only animating, but directing, storyboarding, and concepting all animation.

Ben worked with BlackLine to create a bright and colorful explainer for Sense Chat's new platform.  This was also a chance for Ben to push the isometric style he's been working with.




To compliment the explainer video for Avisare, Ben created visualizations of data streaming through the city and on screen graphics.

This explainer video gave Ben the chance to work on simple character animation.  With a brand identity in place, it was fun and easy for him to create a video that matched their company's image.


With assets that were premade from another SJSU project, Ben was tasked with animating an explainer for the school's Annual Giving program.

Level 10

In this internal video for a job site proposal, Ben put together simple mockups of the site as well as breaking each part down into its respective steps.  This job was one of his first 3D tracking projects, and he learned many matchmoving techniques while tackling it.



This TV spot about Detroit homelessness was a sobering reminder that not everyone is fortunate enough to live comfortably.  Ben wanted this video to focus on the individual lives of those caught in the issue, to gain empathy and awareness in viewers.

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